Top 9 Best-Performing Stocks: September 2023

Its shipping and payment solutions are valuable in any economy, which is why it has been able to demonstrate continued high double-digit sales growth throughout the volatile economy. Since it takes a fee from each sale using its platform, that should get even better when the economy improves. Airbnb has demonstrated an incredible comeback from pandemic declines and is now well on track to lead the travel industry into new places (literally). It’s a true industry disruptor that has become profitable as it scales and has tons of future growth potential. As cash-strapped public companies try to shore up their balance sheets ahead of a potential recession, the year ahead could see the undoing of the historically strong U.S. labor market.

Fox Corp. faced a similar fate, caving when it appeared fans wouldn’t be able to watch the Gridiron Classic in February. As the smartphone market grows, Apple’s leadership will become even more apparent. One recent study found that Apple is the most valuable brand globally. October, though, is only the fifth worst month of the year, says „Stock Trader’s Almanac.“ And it’s also the „bear killer“ month, sporting average returns of 0.9%, the almanac says. But nimble S&P 500 investors are still finding ways to make big money as most others lose. Although there are many CROs, Medpace is the only one of its peers delivering steady, double-digit net profit margins.

  • The retail giant reigns in the consumer staples sector according to Bank of America.
  • It goes through all the basics, from how to get started to how to determine your personal investing strategy to how much of your money to invest in stocks.
  • Mark tends to invest primarily in dividend stocks with a strong emphasis on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).
  • But all, for one reason or another, are well positioned to benefit from the transition to a bull market from a bear market.
  • While expense ratios trend higher than the average fund, the performance of alternative assets may outweigh the higher costs.

Plus, the company’s triple-net lease structure helps create a steady, predictable income stream. The current P/E ratio of 20.6 and forward P/E ratio of 9.0 are on the lower end of historical values, signaling the stock is a good value if the company can grow as best travel stocks expected over the next several years. The current P/E ratio is 45.4, which is one of the lowest valuations this stock has traded at in the last several years. The forward P/E ratio of 14.3 indicates the stock is currently trading at a good value for its growth.

Enterprise Products Partners (EPD -0.18%) stock recently hit a 52-week high. However, the midstream energy company’s share appreciation doesn’t tell the full story. Analysts are forecasting AFFO of $4.71 per share in 2024, which equates to an AFFO multiple of 23.6x, which is below the company’s 10-year average of 27.5x. Although McDonald’s is known for their Big Mac and fries, Moneyball they operate more closely with that of a real estate company. The large majority of their stores are operated by third party franchisees in which the company collects this royalty fee from. However, where I see MCD outperforming is not only based on the digitization investments they have made over the years, but also due in part to consumers moving lower down the value scale.

The fact that picking stocks is so difficult leads many investors to turn to index mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, which bundle many stocks together. In the financial sector, Bank of America zeroed in on Arch Capital Group due to the fact the company is a beneficiary from volatility caused by lowered interest rates. The stock is in Bank of America’s Alpha Surprise Screen, which includes inexpensive, out-of-consensus stocks, and shares trade at $62.46 as of January 3.

Investors can choose to focus on companies with competitive value, growth, and momentum characteristics while also exploring a wide range of industries. This helps to provide diversity to a portfolio, a hedge against negative performance affecting one category of companies. Investopedia ranks stocks according to a growth model that assesses both the most recent quarter’s year-over-year (YOY) earnings and revenue growth. The model scores companies based on a 50/50 weighting of these two factors. September was a rough month for stocks, but many analysts are calling for a resurgence in earnings during Q4. Given that timing the market is a difficult game to win, I prefer dollar cost averaging into high-quality companies trading at intriguing valuations.

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If you’re just starting out on your investing journey (or want a sanity check), please read through our guide on how to invest in stocks (mentioned above). It goes through all the basics, from how to get started to how to determine your personal investing strategy to how much of your money to invest in stocks. Most of the larger positions were personally handpicked by legendary investor Warren Buffett, who still manages the bulk of Berkshire’s investments. In fact, If Berkshire were a mutual fund, it would be the world’s largest actively managed mutual fund. Although most of this list is made up of growth stocks, or at least stocks that have some exciting growth drivers, this is the relatively boring value pick of the bunch (but in the best possible way). The pandemic hurt its theme park and movie businesses but helped the Disney+ streaming service, which has grown into a powerhouse years earlier than Disney expected.

Smith began her journalism career as a writer and columnist for USA Today. Smith is a graduate of St. John’s College in Annapolis, Md., the third-oldest college in America. The consensus price target, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence, is $72.62, representing expected upside of nearly 24% over the next 12 months or so. „The recent selloff is overdone,“ say analysts at investment firm Stifel.

The good news is mispriced stocks are hiding in plain sight and present great investment opportunities in 2023. In the coming quarters, expect Disney to continue growing its streaming revenue, but with a greater focus on profitability. Chapek, in his last earnings release, predicted Disney+ would be profitable in fiscal year 2024. Iger oversaw the launch of Disney+ in 2019 and likely doesn’t want to miss Chapek’s prediction.

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The price performance of a stock like this depends on how long it maintains its growth in an industry that sees regular ups and downs. Sales have grown over recent years and earnings had a substantial jump in 2022 following a decline in 2021. Analysts predict another jump in 2023 followed by a 10.7% EPS increase in 2024. The company has the only “A” Morningstar financial health rating on our list.

That will change in 2023, and TD clients are being notified their accounts will be moved to Schwab platform starting in January 2023. Investors eager to lock in that phenomenal rate bought $979 million in I bonds on Friday, Oct. 28—the last purchase day before the semiannual rate reset—and crashed the Treasury Direct website. Not every observer was so sanguine, however, and it didn’t take long for runaway inflation Will disney stock split in 2022 to become a major headache for markets and regular Americans. Stock market data may be delayed up to 20 minutes and is intended solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes. Looking ahead, Matador’s natural gas business is a bridge to the time when renewables will provide most of the fuel for electricity. With progress to date ahead of schedule, T-Mobile recently raised its merger synergies guidance.

Stock Investment Strategies Trending for 2022.

Momentum investors hold that stocks that have recently posted speedy increases in price are likely to continue to rise faster than the overall market. The justification behind this is that the factors which have previously led to increasing prices are likely to continue to hold. Further, as other investors pile on to bid on shares of these companies, they help to push their stock prices up even higher.

They are constantly ramping up production, acquiring other businesses and hiring lots of new employees to grow their businesses quickly. This airline operator is potentially starting a growth phase in a cyclical industry that sees profits rise and fall over several year spans. Earnings are expected to steadily increase over the next five years, including a 17.7% jump in 2024. The company has a financial health grade of “B” from Morningstar, and also benefits from world recognition of the McDonald’s brand.

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Getting into investing at a time of such volatility can feel scary. Bonds can offer a relatively safe form of fixed-income to their investors. Lower risk bonds tend to pay lower interest than higher risk bonds, including government or corporate bonds.

The Sherwin-Williams Company (NYSE:SHW)

The company had negative EPS in 2020 and 2021, followed by a profitable year in 2022, which explains the significant growth over the past year. Analysts expect earnings in 2023 to be more than double what they were in 2022, and then expand by 24.9% in 2024. Our editors are committed to bringing you unbiased ratings and information. We use data-driven methodologies to evaluate financial products and companies, so all are measured equally. You can read more about our editorial guidelines and the investing methodology for the ratings below.

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While the company is currently in a phase of expanding earnings, this stock is in a cyclical industry where earnings tend to rise and fall as opposed to just steadily increasing. As you would for most stocks, looking at balance sheet strength, ongoing flow of business, and quality of management. Many financial companies have to balance two sides of business, like a seesaw, between what they pay to depositors or shareholders and what they collect from customers.

Bank of America cites semiconductor manufacturing firm Analog’s strong free cash flow, high quality, and high value as reasons that the stock could be attractive this year. Currently trading at $62.46, the stock is considered a 20% discount within the information technology sector by Bank of America due to its high value. It’s a member of the S&P 500 Pure Value index, which only owns stocks that line up completely as a value stock. Investors are only paying $4.79 for a claim to $1 dollar in earnings the past 12 months. Investors are paying $20, or roughly four-times more, for a claim to $1 of profit from S&P 500 companies. It’s a digital bank based in Brazil that has captured a large portion of the market, and it’s branching into new areas and new products.


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